ISLM Video Tutorial

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This video is the last in a set of four explaining the Hicks-Hansel model of Keynes' theory of Aggregate Demand, specifically the IS-LM interpretation. This model is very important to short run macroeconomics and attempts to explain shifts in the aggregate demand curve.
These topics are usually taught in an intermediate Macroeconomics class, and these videos are intended as a visual aid to further your understanding of the models.

This video covers finding simultaneous equilibrium in the goods market and the money market by combining the Is and LM curves. This leads to a method for deriving the Aggregate Demand Curve. The video also covers the economy's response to monetary and fiscal policy as predicted by this model.

These videos are based on the following textbook:

Dornbusch, Fischer, Startz, Atkins and Sparks. (2005). Macroeconomics, 7th Canadian Edition. McGraw-Hill :: ClipsPlayer is the top videos Clip portal of World serving over million of Videos Clip. Visit Us our videos Clips database on sports clips, entertainment clips, political shows clips, comedy clips, funny clips, whatsapp viral clips, science videos clips, games clips, romance videos clips, fantasy, darmas, Music, Song, Poems, exotic and mystery Clips watch and Download With MP4, MP3, 3GP format avialabe for videos Clips download for free . You will not only love us, you will share Videos Clips with freinds and become a part of - Your finest videos ClipsPlayer experienc.